May 16, 2014

Newest Stuff ?

HI GUYS!!!!! :D
its been a long time duh? hell yes cz last time when i was posting some stuff here its about 3 years ago.. OMG! yes fckin long time! :/
so whats up ? hahah! i dont know why i choose to bloggin like again (?) hehe
but this time i think i might change the whole themes of my blog! YEP, i was posting random shit.. yeah fckin random and i feel like my blog needs to have a specific theme isnt it?
people change, so does me.. so does my blog tho lol jk
i only think i need to change my blog theme with all my passion things HAHA
so ima choose to pick, uhmm some kind of Fashion stuff *hehe* and also DIY things which is created by me, ehem well since im that creative lol
and maybe i'd like to post anything about art which is made by me tho! or maybe some of my portfolio? lol i guess this not that specific huh?
seriously, i feel a lil bit confuse to choose because i like all of that thing... so what blog this should be? huff
oh maybe this blog will be called as "creative blog"? lol
well, since i wanted to change this theme of blog so i choose to delete and hide some of my old post.. hahah!
yea, i feel like some of my old post has a new place called "trash" XD
cz that lame post is nomore important ROFL!
but i still keep the good one, haha just 5% of em actually :P
SO, ima tellin yall start from today i might be post bout fashion outfit thigy from me, DIY stuff created by me, my porfolio.. humm yeah something like that!
see you at the next post!
hope yall enjoy with the new stuff! haha :P

much love, Tysa..

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