May 05, 2011

about the photo contest^^

well ya guys, the photo contest was over on 21april... (just have time to share this one lol)
thanks so much to all of you who have voted for me...
btw i won the contest guys, but in the second place :(
so sad but im still thankfull of it, even i can't get the pink of lomo diana -__-
but i got three lomo disderi lens and colour filter  :DDD
i want to share with yall the camera that i get from the contest..  check the picture bellow !

here’s the camera

the lomo disderi 2 lens

lomo disderi 3 lens

and this's the last, lomo disderi 4 lens

about the colour filter i didn't take a picture of it..

and i wanna said thanks to instax shop too for the prize :]
if yall interesting about photography, yall can buy the camera like polaroid camera, lomo diana, lomo aquapix, ect at instax shop.. (indonesia only)
click here for instax shop page on facebook
or yall can follow instax shop twitter by click in here

PS: this's not a promotion from the shop!!

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