About Me

Tysa G

  nice to meet you all, my name is Tysa and i come from Jakarta, Indonesia..
i'm a International Relations Degree who turn out being a 27/4 blogger and content creator..
i post a lot of stuff mostly on my Instagram, don't forget to follow me @liltysa
i also a "lil" brand ambassador of some Indonesian beauty brand HEHE
i'm a part of Shopee Influencers Partner, Elsheskin Squad, Daneen Skincare Archangel, N'pure Mates, beYOUty Gang by Y.O.U Beauty, Jakarta Beauty Blogger and Sociolla Beauty Network..
i have small business called "Greeny Collection" which is sell accessories things and of course with affordable price..
check out my online store details at the next page after "contact"..

so i started this blog since 2011 when i was still study at college, but in december 2016 i start to review things and wanted to be a blogger..
i write anything about beauty, fashion and lifestyle things here..
product review is one of my best post, don't forget to check them out at the blogger archive on the left side in this blog..
since 2017, i've already partnered with a lot of famous brand (local and international) mostly a beauty brand..
and i think that's all, now you know a lil bit about me..
enjoy my online portfolio!