About Me

Tysa G
nice to meet you all
my name is Tysa from Jakarta, Indonesia..
i'm an International Relations Degree who turn out being 27/4 blogger and content creator..
started this blog since 2011 when i was still study at college, but in december 2016 i start to review things to be a blogger..
i write anything relate to beauty, fashion and lifestyle, i've been partnered with a lot of famous brand (local and international) since 2017..
i'm a part of:
' FIMELAfluencer by FIMELA ' 
` Sociolla Beauty Network `
` Jakarta Beauty Blogger Insider `
` Shopee Influencers `
` Elshe Squad by Elsheskin `
` Daneen Archangel by Daneen Skincare `
` Pure Mates by NPURE `
` beYOUty Gang by Y.O.U Beauty `
` Dreamy Squad by Dream Color i `
` Newlab+ by Newlab `
` Truelovers by True to Skin `
` Rabbit Friends by Rabbit Habit `
' Natur Buddies by NATUR '
' Akademi Beauty Tokopedia '
' Beauty Seoulmate by Fast Beauty Indonesia '
i have small business called "Greeny Collection" which is sell accessories things and of course with affordable price..
check out my online store details at the next page after "contact"..

and i think that's all, now you know a lil bit about me^^
enjoy my online portfolio!